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    Convey UX, Seattle February, 2013
    Edward Tufte, San Jose, CA March, 2012
    Nielsen Norman Group, New York, NY November, 2000
    Siggraph, New York, NY August, 1995
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    Bachelor of Science in Architecture

    Design Studio, Sketching, Architectural Design, Graphic Design, Architectural Rendering and Cognitive Principles of architectural Design.
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    HCI Course

    Through 9 weeks long and 33 lessons in 7 sections covering HCI principals, storyboarding, prototyping, heuristic evaluation, cognitive psychology, visual design, and various methods of testing
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    A Crash Course on Creativity

    A six week course designed to explore several factors that stimulate and inhibit creativity in individuals, teams, and organizations. Provided by professor Tina Seelig, a national leader in engineering education

Mahmoud Ali . Senior User Experience Architect

Cisco, WEBEX

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Project Name

WebEx Orion, Self Hosted Conferencing

Design Objectives

Design admin pages for installation and managing of WebEx's (Orion) self hosting teleconferencing system.


2000 - 2002


MS Office, Photoshop, Visio.
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